A few years after her adoption, she found out about the upcoming banishment of the Vermillion household from the NOL and, concerned for the Vermillion family's future, decided to take the entrance exam for the Military Academy in Torifune. Why won't you listen to me!? Noel, her head finally clear, goes to the NOL and runs into her friend, Tsubaki, who was ordered to kill her. 4 19 50 Members of the family are exempt from the Magic Knights Entrance Exam and are automatically accepted into the Crimson Lion squad of the Magic Knights. "ArcRevo America 2019 BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle Main Visual" Konomi Higuchi. Model Sheets In the Military Academy, she became friends with Tsubaki Yayoi, Makoto Nanaya, and Carl Clover. Inoue, designer. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. “Noël” is French for “Christmas”, from Latin “nātālis” (“birth[day]”). Chibi Portraits 4 Similarly, Jin ends his Astral Finish by unfolding a blue/yellow angelic wing from his right side. The Vermillion family was once a noble one, but the head of the family, Edgar Vermillion, originally lacked an heir before he adopted Noel … 5 ...It can't be helped. However, in one prototype sketch of Noel seen in the Material Collection, she's seen wielding a pair of revolvers instead, along with a more gag-like approach where she wields Equilibrium-styled "Clericguns". First of all, I never got into the BlazBlue franchise. _pageName, Gallery Section (Cargo)/Q3 Wallpapers 50 Makoto relays her suspicions of Hazama, saying she doesn't know what he is thinking. Since she was the only survivor of the burning field of Ikaruga, she is the "Eye of the Azure", the true possessor of the Azure. 50 After being verbally abused by Bang several times, they fought and Bang fell to her power. 14 However, they are then approached by NOL soldiers and become arrested. A few years after her adoption, she found out about the upcoming banishment of the Vermillion household from the NOL and, concerned for the Vermillion family's future, decided to take the entrance exam for the Military Academy in Torifune. 4 However, she did not want to fuse with him as he was the one responsible for destroying her family and her mind, where she wanted to die instead. 2 4 10 Story Stickers Powers and Stats. 06-may-2019 - Explora el tablero de Ragna Oscuro "blazblue" en Pinterest. Live happily with her friends (succeeded).Stop Nine, Azrael, Izanami and Terumi (succeeded).Stop the Origin/Amaterasu's Doomsday (succeeded).Merge with her other halves Mu-12 and Izanami to become Saya once more under her control (succeeded). Her name comes from Noel; Noël being the French word for Christmas. When she cares for others' well-being, she overlooks her traits and is much more responsible. Alias Noel greets Kokonoe, where she tells Noel to follow her. Noel meets with Mu-12 inside her, where she accepts Mu-12 is herself. _pageName, Gallery Section (Cargo)/Q3 She was the reason why the Embryo was denying everyone else's desires. Noel Vermillion 50 The Vermillion family was once a noble one, but the head of the family, Edgar Vermillion, originally lacked an heir before he adopted Noel and, after heavily criticizing the Librarium, the Vermillions lost their aristocratic rights and their family was sentenced to relegation from the NOL. Noel Vermillion Character Crest. After Take-Mikazuchi is stopped, Ragna, Celica, and Nu ejected out of its core. And due to Take-Mikazuchi's attack during that time, she was saved from fusing with Hazama. While living in the Vermillion household, Noel obtained her Nox Nyctores, Arcus Diabolus: Bolverk, after being attacked by a monster in a forest. 50 In Continuum Shift, she has some new moves. She later bumped into Tager and the two engaged into a duel because Sector Seven shouldn't be in Kagutsuchi at the current time. Main; Cameos; Load 2 more... Gallery Section (Cargo)/Q3 4 … Ragna the BloodedgeIron TagerTsubaki YayoiMakoto NanayaJin KisaragiKagura MutsukiRachel AlucardBang ShishigamiTaokakaCarl CloverHibiki Kohaku. Also, her aura during Chain Revolver is now colored black, the color of Ragna's Blood Kain (it was originally colored green in Calamity Trigger). 15 Kirsch joins the Coral Peacocks because he likes their beautiful robes and does not like the hot-blooded Crimson Lions, while Mimosa joins the Golden Dawns because she does not want to rely on her family background. Family When she was adopted by the Vermillion family, she had her hair cut short and wore a white shirt with long sleeves, a black tie, a long, black skirt, and white stockings with dark brown shoes. Hideharu Kato. 40% - hobby japan amakuni "regular" noel . 13 4 Noel and Makoto are then given their new outfits by Kokonoe. _pageName, Gallery Section (Cargo)/Q3 Noel also serves as the main heroine of the series. BlazBlue: Central Fiction The truth however is actually because Noel is Amatertasu that possessed Mu. 19 Discover (and save!) Decorate your laptops, water bottles, helmets, and cars. _pageName, Gallery Section (Cargo)/Q3 Noel was born on December 25, 2194, created by Sector Seven as "dimensional boundary contact medium No. Gallery Section (Cargo)/Q3 Noel Vermillion Then there's the soft and unfettered side to her personality that shows compassion to every person and being, and how everyone is being treated. combatantsSamus Aran | Akuma | Rogue | Wonder Woman | Mike Haggar | Zangief | Leonardo | Donatello | Michelangelo | Raphael | Zitz | Yoshi | Felicia | Taokaka | Kratos | Spawn | White Bomberman | Dig Dug | Vegeta | Shadow the Hedgehog | Mario | Sonic the Hedgehog | Luke Skywalker | Harry Potter | Chun-Li | Mai Shiranui | Rainbow Dash | Master Chief | Doomguy | Princess Peach | Princess Zelda | Thor Odinson | Raiden (Mortal Kombat) | Link | Cloud Strife | Batman (DC Comics) | Spider-Man | Pikachu | Blanka | Goku | Superman | He-Man | Lion-O | Ryu Hayabusa | Strider Hiryu | Ivy Valentine | Black Orchid | Fox McCloud | Bucky O'Hare | The Terminator | RoboCop | Luigi | Miles "Tails" Prower | Charizard | Venusaur | Blastoise | Godzilla | Gamera | Captain America | Tigerzord | Gundam Epyon | Ryu | Scorpion | Deadpool | Kirby | Majin Buu | Ragna the Bloodedge | Sol Badguy | Gaara | Toph Beifong | Chuck Norris | Segata Sanshiro | Guts | Iron Man | Beast | Goliath | Solid Snake | Sam Fisher | Donkey Kong | Knuckles the Echidna | Wolverine | Raiden (Metal Gear) | Hercule Satan | Dan Hibiki | Yang Xiao Long | Tifa Lockhart | Mega Man | Astro Boy | Green Arrow | Hawkeye | Red | Tai Kamiya | Agumon | Dante | Bayonetta | Bowser | Ratchet | Clank | Jak | Daxter | The Flash | Quicksilver | Mewtwo | Carolina | Cammy White | Sonya Blade | Tracer | Scout | Ken Masters | Terry Bogard | Amy Rose | Ramona Flowers | Hulk | Roronoa Zoro | Erza Scarlet | Pinkie Pie | Lara Croft | Nathan Drake | Scrooge McDuck | Shovel Knight | Venom | Power Rangers (Zack Taylor | Kimberly Ann Hart | Billy Cranston | Trini Kwan | Jason Lee Scott | Tommy Oliver) | Voltron (Keith | Lance | Pidge | Sven | Hunk | Allura) | Natsu Dragneel | Portgas D. 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Caboose | Sheila | Batgirl | Spider-Girl | Sanji | Rock Lee | Broly (Dragon Ball Super) |, DBX combatants BlazBlue: Central Fiction 4 "ArcRevo America 2019 Main Visual Complete" Yuuki Kato, Konomi Hguchi, Kenta Asano. They both share the same voice, face, and memories of Saya. “Vermillion” is a brilliant red scarlet pigment that is usually made from the powdered mineral cinnabar. Discover (and save!) Type of Hero When she receives damage, she never fails to return the favor—whether it's a creature or a hero. Jin Kisaragi, however, treated her like dirt (to put it mildly), due to her resemblance to his sister. 4 4 She should officially only be Jin's secretary, but in reality, she would be a special solo soldier tasked mainly with intelligence and assassination. BlazBlue: Continuum Shift combatants Gallery Section (Cargo)/Q3 Tier: At least 8-C | At least High 7-C physically, Low 1-C with Hax | Low 6-B physically.Low 1-C with Hax | 5-A physically.Low 1-C with hax Noel Vermillion In one of her Alternate Endings during the story of Calamity Trigger, she agreed to be dressed up by Litchi Faye-Ling in exchange for petting Litchi's panda. She was originally one of Saya’s replicas designate “Dimensional Boundary Contact Prime Field, No. Lobby Avatars This web page shows only a small excerpt of our Noel research. 4 50 When Noel's Fenrir initial hit connects, causing to give an additional blow, she will often yell: "Nemesis Stabilizer", implying that Nemesis Stabilizer is the name of Fenrir's Additional Blow. Battle Gameplay. High quality Noel Vermillion gifts and merchandise. Demnächst werden wir die Namen der Sieger zu unserem Kurzgeschichten-Wettbewerb 2020 "Weltentor" bekanntgeben. _pageName, Gallery_Section_(BBRadio)/Q1 Pre-order Bonuses 4 What's important is the back. your own Pins on Pinterest _pageName, Gallery Section (Cargo)/Q3 Noel, being a replica of Saya, is also shown to have inherited some of Saya's memories from her childhood. 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