Sharing Montana rivers with anglers for over 20 years, Blackfoot River Outfitters' reputation as a leader in the Montana fly fishing industry, sits firmly on a foundation of loyal clients and their referrals. For most people, the choice will come down to either a traditional raft or a cataraft. Eight stainless D-rings on each tube provide you with plenty of tiedown options for your frame. Learn More . The stern tubes also diminish but only down to 16” allowing for gear stacked high on multi-day trips or a heavy angler and the anchor weight resting on the back tube on day trips. Registered: 03/07/99 Posts: 16686 Loc: SE Olympia, WA You can easily transform your cat into a fully decked out fishing expedition craft with a little work. The MT Guide Edition includes a 3rd air chamber in the main tubes as insurance for punctures and a top chafe of liquid lexitron applied down the straight sections and around the stern for protection against abrasion under the frame. It drafts as shallow as a drift boat, spins quick like a kayak, affords the profile of a poling skiff, rides as stable as a car, and does it all as quiet as trout fins through water! ALL Blackfoot Strikes come standard with FOUR air chambers in the main outside tube! By eliminating all cross miter seams we were able to decrease drag and increase performance. You will never face an issue for many years regarding the construction of this fishing kayak. Shorter, narrow tubes don’t offer the same level of carrying capacity, but are light and highly maneuverable in the water. Oars are needed to row and maneuver through the water, while oarlocks keep your oars locked in place and minimize friction while rowing. It makes a fantastic playboat and is extremely agile for a cataraft of it's size. Image. These unique looking craft utilize two separate inflatable pontoons connected with a metal frame – which also provides area for seating and storage. Lime, two-tone gray, and the dark purple are by special order only. Flooring also helps prevent you from accidentally dropping things through the frame. [Re: Hunt4fish] Dan S. It all boils down to this - I'm right, everyone else is wrong, and anyone who disputes this is clearly a dumbfuck. © The Coastal SideCopyright 2019, Pair of catarafts rowing Wind River, Washington. As all the best fishing kayaks have, the Skipjack 100 comes standard with four flush mounted rod holders for plenty of options on each trip. Its awesome solid fishing floors make this boat incredible for fly fishing or bait fishing. Generally speaking, rafts are more expensive than comparable catarafts, although this isn’t always the case – especially when you consider add-ons like flooring and cargo bags. The diminishing bow and stern maximize useable storage space. Self-draining zippered compartments in the front and rear give you ample storage space for any gear you don’t mind getting wet, while five separate air chambers ensure you’ll stay afloat in case of a puncture. Aire makes some of the best-quality rafts on the market, and this gorgeous-looking whitewater cataraft is no exception. Tons of storage and it has a transom for a trolling motor, nice boat. NRS, for example, calls their proprietary Hypalon fabric ‘Pennel Orca’. You can even stand to cast.Pontoon fishing boats have been popular for years. Better step up to the SOTAR Blackfoot Strike. Small Catarafts. Check out the NRS Cataraft Cargo Floor for a well-made modular flooring solution. All in all, when you want a cataraft with maximum cargo capacity for long-distance cruising, the NRS 16’ Kodiak is about as good as it gets. Best to have a second color choice with Wave Destroyers though, as these are only built in small quantities. This industry leading design enables the boat to be nimble enough for tight bolder choked pocket water streams yet stable enough for significant whitewater. The wide ranging capability of the NRS Outlaw 140 has brought it to be considered by many river guides to be all-around the best fly fishing raft on the market. Let’s take a look at some of the best add-ons and modifications you can add to your cat. The original intended market for these boats was for fishermen needing a small rig for fishing … With dozens of parts and nuts and bolts, they take hours to assemble.The FoldCat is completely different and significantly better. There are three main material types used in most rafts and catarafts: PVC, Urethane, and Hypalon. Designed by Blackfoot River Outfitters founder John Herzer and custom built in the USA by SOTAR, the Blackfoot Strike is the ultimate fishing boat. The Front Frame Extention is inefficient to ship as illustrated. Oars & Oar Locks: A cataraft isn’t much good without some form of propulsion. Like other catarafts, the frame and accessories are sold separately, so you’ll need to pick those up before you can hit the water. The floor is raised 6” above the tubes, so like a traditional cataraft, only the tubes come in contact with the water. Our store is for whitewater, fishing and expedition frames for outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Unlike most catarafts, the aluminum frame and seats come included, so you won’t need to purchase these separately. Cataraft tubes are wider and sit higher in the water that rafts, so they can straddle over rocks and other obstacles that would slow down most rafts. They’re also very forgiving, making them ideal for beginners – and good boats to learn how to row whitewater with. Skip to content. Leafield B7 valves provide dependable and user-friendly inflation, and a repair case also comes included just in case. This gives you a good amount of flexibility when it comes to setting up your cat. Designed by Blackfoot River Outfitters founder John Herzer and custom built in the USA by SOTAR, the Blackfoot Strike is the ultimate fishing boat. Check out the Cataract SGG Raft Oar Shaft and Cataract Oar Magnum Blade for some of the best-quality cataraft oars on the market. In this photo, the boat has 80-qt cooler, fire pan, porta poty, and Paco Pads and bags. The 13-foot long, 20” diameter tubes are fast and agile in the water, and can support up to 750 pounds. “Fishing” may include catching aquatic animals other than fish, such as molluscs, cephalopods, crustaceans, and echinoderms. Fishing Raft Cataraft Frames, Fly Casting Decks, Fishing Platforms for Performance Rafts and CataRafts, Diving Platforms: Fishing Frame for 12 ft: Thigh Post for Rafts: Re: Fishing Chassis Frame above. Inflatable rafts, catarafts and kayaks plus frames and straps and more. Quite different from the other pontoon boats we have reviewed, this one is built for extreme fun, extreme performance, agility and stability. The 14' Saturn Whitewater Cataraft was developed for all types of rafting and fishing situations. The 19” tube diameter diminishes to 14” in the bow section affording maximum visibility and low profile in the wind. They also don’t come standard with any flooring, so anything you drop inside them is likely lost for good – although you can install aftermarket flooring in them to prevent this. The most notable advantage is evident in the asymmetrical design. CATARAFT FISHING BOATS. SOTAR Inflatable Kayaks are a beautiful fusion of performance and durability. Recretec raft and cataraft frames custom built for you in less than two weeks. Creek Company 12´ Cataraft. Load it up and row on. Consequently they are strong, resilient and UV, chemical and abrasion resistant. #663575 - 02/16/11 09:10 PM Re: What is your best fishing raft/cataraft frame? Like new, never hit the water Steelheader 9' cataraft fishing raft. Hypalon has a long lifespan, is highly abrasion and puncture resistant, and is easier to roll up than PVC. While maintaining the desirable aerodynamics and 360 degree visibility of a “flat” profile afford, we increased stern diameter. When he wanted to spend less time in the workshop and more time on the water, he chose to build his cataraft using Kee Lite fittings and pipe. The abrasion-resistant PVC material uses state-of-the-art seam welding to create a tube with enhanced longevity, air retention, and performance. The Vibe is my top pick for the most stable fishing kayak. Check out the FrontierPlay Dry Adventure Box for an ideal dry storage option. While it’s meant for cruising, it will still blast through the big stuff with ease. An extra layer of PVC on top of the tubes adds an additional layer of protection from frame wear, while high-end Leafield C7 valves ensure you’ll have no issues with inflation or deflation. For three or four folks, you’re looking at a 14-15 foot raft or a 16-18 foot cat. Like other high-performance cats, it will work best when not fully loaded with gear. When it comes to understanding the performance and quality of an inflatable craft few have the experience and understanding that Herzer does. ... Transom Trolling Motors: can sometimes be fitted on to inflatable kayaks and catarafts. These are typically found on whitewater focused craft. Menu 0. SHOP LEGENDS SHOP ST CATARAFTS SHOP COHOS SHOP SL CATARAFTS. So guys, without wasting a single second let’s start our inflatable fishing kayak reviews. We'll keep you in the loop with the latest tips, gear info, how-to articles, and giveaways. If you’re looking for a cat that’s got the cargo capacity to handle multiple rowers for longer multi-day trips, this is the one for you. They have more surface area in contact with the water, which makes them less maneuverable. Note: it comes in three main colors. Its twin holes give you maximum fishing space and tremendous stability. Each tube features 3 inflatable chambers, so you’ll have maximum security in case something goes wrong. Top chafe, thwarts, extra D-rings and other options are available on request. The design creates a responsive and aggressive cat that punches through whitewater with ease, and is highly maneuverable in the water. 5 of the best inflatable fishing kayak reviews: Saturn 13′ Pro-Angler FK396 Often that long and convoluted conversation ends in the customer asking me to put together a package resembling the rig I row every day. For multiday trips, of say up to seven days, for two people, figure on at least a 13-foot raft or 13-14 foot cataraft. clicking the below will take you to Amazon and view the latest price and read the customer reviews. Fishing is the activity of trying to catch fish. It’s fairly expensive, and may go by a variety of different names depending on the manufacturer. Built of super durable, 2200 denier cloth these PVC tubes are build to last and last. Products. CataRaft Fishing (Pesca) Chassis, Select What You Need; Not What They Want To Sell You: Dear Consumer, What is a Fishing Frame? Check out the NRS Fishing Frame Y Thigh Bar for a great Y-shaped thigh bar. There are also many hybrid materials where manufacturer’s combine several materials together to offer a superior mixture of durability, light weight, and performance over rocks. Best For: Fishermen who want one model of reel for any rod setup. Best Overall: AIRE Wave Destroyer 14ft Cataraft; Best Touring/Expedition Cataraft: NRS 16′ Kodiak Cataraft; Best Solo Cataraft: Star Kima 13 Cataraft; Best Fishing Cataraft: All rights reserved. Dry Box: If you’re planning on partaking in longer expeditions, a good dry box is a must-have. Its awesome solid fishing floors make this boat incredible for fly fishing or bait fishing. Strike Raft. With giant 16-foot 28-inch diameter tubes, the craft sits high in the water and will keep you nimble even when under heavy loads. They also aren’t cheap – they’re made from some of the most durable materials on planet, and need to withstand the rough and tumble environment of whitewater rivers. These tubes are typically found on touring, expedition and fishing watercraft, where a heavier load capacity is a necessity. If you’re planning on taking on big water, in say the Grand Canyon, you will probably want a 14-16 foot raft or 16-18 … … These craft are typically 14 – 16 feet long and up, and feature wide diameter tubes for loading down with heavy gear. We also are an authorized Maravia, Aire, Sawyer Oars and NRS dealer. Longer, wider cataraft tubes displace more water allowing you load more people and gear onto them. Rafts also have several downsides. The pontoon tubes are constructed with the highest quality material. Beyond having significantly more room for passengers to sit on the perimeter tubes and thwarts, rafts allow you to move around freely inside them. Unlike most Catarafts, this lightweight craft features a raised self-bailing high-pressure floor that doesn’t require a solid frame to setup. Galvanized steel frame, rubber topped marine ply deck, padded swivel seat, bronze oar locks, Cataract carbon shaft oars with shaft wrap/ Oar Right's/ and Mini Magnum blades, anchor with rope and pulley system, optional motor mount, deck bag, K-Pump manual pump, electric pump. The rugged PVC material is built to withstand skinny, rough water conditions, so there’s no need to baby this craft. It’s large enough to fit 2 anglers comfortably, with plenty of room for fishing or overnight gear. Happy Holidays! Rafts offer a good mix of maneuverability, weight capacity, and passenger space. Techniques for catching fish include hand gathering, spearing, netting, angling and trapping. Many of these craft are in the 12 to 13-foot length range. As far as cargo space goes, a fully decked out cataraft will hold more than a raft of equivalent length. PVC is the least expensive material, and depending on the manufacturer, can be prone to damage. This cataraft is … Schedule a boat consultation with our experts. NEW FOR 2018! Catarafts differ substantially in terms of carrying capacity, performance, and maneuverability. Call 406.542.7411 for information today. The CataRaft is the go-anywhere, fish-anywhere drift boat - the sports car of pontoon boats in white water. It’s designed for thrill-seeking whitewater use in rapids up to technical class 5 rapids – as well as multi-day trips when you’re packing light. Check out some of the top frames available now: When outfitting your cataraft, your level of customization is only limited by your imagination and budget. As catarafts are highly versatile, they often be rigged using different sized frames with a number of different add-ons and accessories depending on your preferences. They tend to be mass produced, so if you’re going to go with PVC, you’ll want to make sure it’s a trusted name brand. About AIRE. For quality cataraft tubes, we recommend our bestsellers: AIRE, Rocky Mountain, and Maxxon. It is designed to be able to tackle rapids smoothly. preparing for my next outdoor adventure. No longer do we lose maneuverability when a 300lb angler or all your gear for a 5 day is piled in the back. Accepting Deposits NOW! River camping, cooking, safety equipment and whitewater supplies sold online and in our retail store. For the frame we’ve chosen the Montana Raft Frames’ Premier model. Close search. At 13’ long and 22” wide, the highly rockered inflatable tubes are exceedingly maneuverable and quick in the water, enabling you to blast through holes and fly over waves effortlessly. A raft continues as his office today, spending over 150 days per year on the water. Like catarafts themselves, frames differ significantly in terms of size, function, and performance. I’ve loved being in the outdoors for as long as I can remember. This also means they’ll catch the wind a little more than rafts. SOTAR’s continuous curve Cat design has become an industry standard. Manufacturing raft frames, cataraft frames, fishing frames, dry boxes and accessories in Southern Oregon since 2014. It is a remarkably stable fishing platform. Cataraft tube dimensions are another important factor to consider when making a decision. I grew up fishing, canoeing, and camping throughout the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia. The heavy duty Pennel Orca material is super abrasion-resistant, while sixteen 2” stainless steel D-rings provide an excellent anchor system for your frame. John has been rowing Sotar boats since 1984 – and rowed rafts a distance equivalent to twice the circumference of the earth! Selling custom whitewater rafts, cats, inflatable kayaks and frames handmade one at a time. The problem with old-style pontoon boats is they’re held together with a complicated external metal framework. Powder coated break down aluminum base frame, dry box under rower’s seat, integrated anchor cage system with Harken sailing pulleys (read 30# anchor draws up like a 20#), two angler high back Tempress seats, and RodDog double rod holder. As they sit lower in the water, weight distribution is less of an issue, and they won’t catch the wind to the same degree. They give you a sturdy support bar to lean on while standing up, so you won’t go flying overboard in case you hit a rough patch of water. This narrow boat can squeeze down between the rocks when the water is low, and the fishing is good, and still take function as the trip support boat. Both have their relative strengths and weaknesses, so consider how you plan to use your raft for the most part, and what makes the most sense for your environment.