Kondou orders Hijikata and the rest to escape while he stays behind. Heisuke fights Hijikata, Shinpachi fights Saito, and Sannan fights Okita. One night, however, she gets chased by, Chizuru starts to work her way into the Shinsengumi's society, motivated by the desire to be useful and her concern over the injured Sannan. The illustrations of characters was done by Kazuki Yone. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Hakuoki: Sekkaroku (Hakuoki ~Sekkaroku~, lit. Hajime ends up winning & stabbing Shinpachi in the gut.Not too soon after they kill Serizawa & Hijikata says that they have to kill Ryu and he has … Shinpachi was a renowned swordsman and long time member of the Shinsengumi. Okita says he's waiting for the opportunity to kill him, but Serizawa laughs and says that it's impossible for him to do so and keeps calling him a child, egging him on. An attempted assassination leaves Commander Kondou in critical condition. They decide to attack at Bonari Pass, and again they are completely outnumbered. The next day, Saito and Chizuru converse on the road about what Saito wanted to say to Chizuru, but Chizuru wanders off to the topic of whether Hijikata suits having a beard. Saito decides to stay with the Aizu Clan and fly the Shinsengumi's banner. The Shinsengumi get bad news from the Bakufu, and during a related assignment, they get an unpleasant and unsettling surprise. He was then reprimanded by Sanosuke, and they look for Kosuzu to apologize. Shinpachi NAGAKURA’s statement that Okita’s technique 'left Toshizo HIJIKATA, Genzaburo INOUE, Heisuke TODO, Keisuke YAMANAMI and the others looking like children playing with bamboo swords. Tonari no Ikemens, Ranma ½: Super Indiscriminate Decisive Battle! However, with the bystanders thinking it was a dispute between ronin, Sanosuke and Shinpachi report this to Kondou as he Hijikata are resolve to start making a name for themselves by patrolling the city. Serizawa forces a money exchanging house to give him money for the Roshigumi funds, which was strongly opposed by Kondou and Hijikata. Finding her not there, he hears the voice of Yamazaki upstairs and joins him in the fight with the drunken lechers. Cleaning up after an enemy sortie, Saito finds one of the mystery men from Ikedaya (Amagiri Kyuuju) defending, After several months, Chizuru's service to the Shinsegumi has become a regular part of their everyday lives. While snatching a piece of duck with Shinpachi, the meat flies into Hijikata’s forehead. The Oni are foiled and vanish again. It's just that the anime chose not to show him again since the anime is about Shinsengumi and he was no longer involved in the Shinsengumi. Later, after the Shinsengumi make camp in Aizu, the enemy decides to attack the headquarters when all of the troops are out for training. She explains why she got mad at Ryuunosuke's words. So, does Hakuouki enter the ranks of awful DEEN series, or does it redeem the studio? Meanwhile, back at Shinsengumi headquarters, Heisuke complains loudly to Kondou and Hijikata the inappropriateness of Chizuru’s mission. Quality cosplay outfits supply from China He is sent to command Masaki, a young Aizu Clan soldier, and his men. Okita and Ryunosuke walk over to where the boy came from and are met with Shinpachi and Saitou standing there, covered in blood with fierce looks on their faces. Saito follows Sannan out at night, but loses him when he sees Amagiri killing a Rasetsu. Upon return, Soji teases them at the door, and Hijikata hurriedly asks Chizuru to hide away. Team Ranma vs. the Legendary Phoenix, Mon Colle Knights the Movie: The Legendary Fire Dragon and The Mysterious Tatari-chan, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi: Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai, Gekijōban Meiji Tokyo Renka: Yumihari no Serenade, Gekijōban Meiji Tokyo Renka: Hana Kagami no Fantasia, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Hakuoki&oldid=1001769618, Anime television series based on video games, Video games featuring female protagonists, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Anime and manga article with malformed first and last infobox parameters, Anime and manga articles with missing network parameters, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, TV Kanagawa, Chiba TV, TV Saitama, KBS Kyoto, Sun TV, AT-X, Tokyo MX TV, TV Aichi, Chizuru Yukimura is a young woman who is disguised as a boy, traveled to Kyoto to search for her missing father. Hijikata comes back to Edo with new troops, and Harada and Nagakura leave the Shinsengumi to fight the Satsuma and Choushuu in their own way. Hijikata has another vampiric impulse, and drinks Chizuru's blood. Mostly, Shinpachi spends a lot of time loathing on the fact that he’s become a fury (Recalling, the incident in Kyoto Winds, where he was forced to drink the water of life due to unavoidable circumstances). Hijikata is shown unconscious or dead in the last few minutes of the episode. He wears a green bandana around his brown hair. As they escape, they run into enemy soldiers. Chizuru was a made up character too. Meanwhile, the Shinsengumi have marched to the front lines, and leaped into the battle of their own accord. He is mistrustful of strangers, but his friendship endures once it is developed, and he views his superiors more as family than as commanding officers. Kosuzu, the maiko goes in and stands up to Serizawa, resulting in Serizawa's anger. Masaki sacrifices himself so Saito and the Shinsengumi can retreat. Just as Heisuke and Hijikata appear, Sannan claims that he indeed was working with Koudou to build an empire that Rasetsu and Oni could live peacefully. Heisuke barges into their room and Hijikata leaves to take care of things. Chizuru flees. They stole a man's money in front of his child and Ryunosuke tries stepping in to save the day. Soji grabs Hijikata’s haiku book on the table and starts reads the haiku of the snow from that one morning. I haven't seen her at all today." He is around the same age as Chizuru and is very protective of her, before he died. Hijikata hears rumor of a white-haired man fighting dozens of men, and he and Chizuru run to the place where Okita is fighting. The Shinsengumi learn of Itou's plot to assassinate Commander Kondou. He too has taken the Water of Life to recover from injuries. Hijikata comes up with a list of strict rules because they want to set themselves as a proper organization. They fight and Hijikata kills Kazama. Two lecherous men try to get fresh with Chizuru and are grounded by Yamazaki and Saito respectively. He arrives at the geisha house to be greeted by chaos. They arrange a friendly duel to be presented to the Aizu domain. Chizuru is still hides her ability to heal a wound quickly when she is injured by an ochimizu-maddened soldier. Flashback to earlier episodes, Chizuru Yukimura goes undercover as a geisha to spy on some rogue samurai. Saitou Hajime (Hakuouki) (53) Yukimura Chizuru (52) Okita Souji (Hakuouki) (24) Hijikata Toshizou (Hakuouki) (20) Harada Sanosuke (Hakuouki) (15) Toudou Heisuke (Hakuouki) (15) Kazama Chikage (13) Nagakura Shinpachi (Hakuouki) (11) Yamanami "Sannan" Keisuke (7) Kondou Isami (Hakuouki) (6) Include Relationships 28 images of the Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds cast of characters. In his absence, Kazama Chikage arrives and tries to kiss Chizuru, but is whacked by an abruptly entering Osen on the head. High quality Shinpachi gifts and merchandise. Hijikata replies that in their current state, they cannot match the enemy. Shiranui, Harada, and Nagakura fight the Rasetsu, but there are too many of them. Kondou gives his go ahead to terminate the mission, and Heisuke runs back to Chizuru. Heisuke and the others try to find Okita. Okita Souji (Hakuouki) Yukimura Chizuru; Hijikata Toshizou (Hakuouki) Toudou Heisuke (Hakuouki) Harada Sanosuke (Hakuouki) Saitou Hajime (Hakuouki) Nagakura Shinpachi (Hakuouki) Romance; Comedy; One Shot; Summary. Demon of the Fleeting Blossom: The Record of the Jade Blood) is the second season of Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan, opening with a recap episode of season one that is labeled "episode 00.". Okita’s tuberculosis starts to plague him. (Shinpachi's POV)After some time, I finally convinced Hijikata to allow the kid to wander around headquarters. On New Years Day, Kazama runs into Chizuru at a crowded marketplace. He was one of the members who performed the raid on Ikedaya. The film is a retelling of both seasons in greater detail and with a slightly different ending. Shinpachi explains that they went after rogue samurai into a shop, and were blamed for chasing after the rogue samurai by the shop owner. Okita was clearly pissed at Hijikata but still came back to help out. She later thanked Ryuunosuke for the incident at the redlight district. He also reveals the reason he hates Chizuru. From there, Okita then lures Tonouchi and kills him with Hijikata and Kondou later busting down Serizawa's door to confront him on the act. Back in Edo, Harada meets up with Shiranui, and decides to repay his debt to him. Chizuru flees. According to Harada, "he sees a lot more than he lets on, and everything he does, he does after careful consideration, whatever else it might look like". Like Okita Sōji, Nagakura was a true product of the Edo period — being a son of a retainer (of a domain he had never seen), who had lived in Edo his entire life. Rather than harassing her, he volunteers to escort her back to her home at the Shinsengumi headquarters. Kazama appears and kills Kaoru. Shinpachi is a boisterous, cheerful young man who enjoys drinking & having a good time with his comrades, and is very good friends with Heisuke and Harada. Hijikata recommends that no one goes out alone. She runs to him, and remembers all the Shinsengumi that have been lost, and all of the good times in the past. Chizuru refuses his offer to leave with him, and draws her sword against him which shocks Kaoru. The Hakuoki series of otome visual novels were released for the PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Portable, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android by Idea Factory. Whether Hijikata died or not is left ambiguous. With both Souji and Kondo close to death, Hijikata sends them to Osaka Castle to be treated by Doctor Matsumoto. Kondou peacefully surrenders to the enemy, and Hijikata angrily laments his choice to leave Kondou behind. The New Government Army attacks the Shougitai, and Harada and Shiranui run into Koudou and a group of Rasetsu coming to seek blood. Nagakura Shinpachi Noriyuki, known as Eikichi or Eiji during his childhood, was born in the Matsumae clan's "kami-yashiki" (upper residence) in Edo on the 11th day of the fourth month of Tenpō 10 (May 23, 1839). She is almost killed by Kaoru but Okita interrupts him. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. As the Shinsengumi proceed to make extermination of the remaining Rasetsu their top priority, Ryunosuke leaves to make a new life for himself in the countryside while passing by Chizuru Yukimura as she travels in the opposite direction to Kyoto and the Shisengumi. However, they lose their battleship, The. Chizuru makes friends with Sen, who she rescues again from thugs. The others are concerned that the code is rather strict, but they all support Kondou and Hijikata so they follow. He tries to defeat Kaoru, but fails. The Old Bakufu army attack Utsunomiya Castle, and Hijikata faces Kazama once more, transforming into his Rasetsu form. The Shinsengumi and Masaki's army attack at Shirakawa-guchi, but are forced to retreat. Meanwhile, Souji, severely weakened by his tuberculosis, is approached by Kaoru, who reveals his true identity and offers him a vial of the "medicine" that would heal him and make him a Rasetsu. Ryunosuke runs in and steps in. Okita's tuberculosis is getting worse, and Hijikata refuses to let him accompany the rest, telling him to get better first. They get the okay to stay in Kyoto and they celebrate by going to Shimabara. The Shinsengumi is dispatched to Itou's compound, in spite of concerns over Heisuke's safety. Reliable and professional China wholesaler where you can buy cosplay costumes and drop-ship them anywhere in the world. Hijikata desperately petitions to spare Kondou's life, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Upon learning that she is a girl and the daughter of a doctor who developed the Water of Life elixir that turns those that drink it into invincible blood lusting berserkers called Rasetsu (羅刹, "Furies" in English dub), the Shinsengumi decide to keep her as an aide in their search. Eventually, Kondou and Ryuunosuke find Okita on the bridge by the river. Voiced by: Ryū Yamaguchi (Japanese); Steven Fenley (English), Voiced by: Hiroaki Yoshida (Japanese); Houston Hayes (English), "Hakuouki S1 - Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan", "Sentai Filmworks Adds Cluster Edge, Hakuoki, Upotte!! A man demands money from Hijikata for taking away a geisha, and Hijikata flares up, declaring his status as Shinsengumi vice-captain and yanking Chizuru away. He does, though, vow to take her with him when they meet again. Proofreading … Shinpachi is a boisterous, cheerful young man who enjoys drinking & having a good time with his comrades, and is very good friends with Heisuke and Harada. They resume fighting, and Heisuke, Shinpachi and the last fight was yet to be watched. Hakuoki (薄桜鬼 〜新選組奇譚〜, Hakuōki ~Shinsen-gumi Kitan~, Demon of the Fleeting Blossom: The Mysterious Tale of the Shinsengumi) is a Japanese otome video game series by Idea Factory, released for the PlayStation 2 and ported to many other platforms. Acting under the orders of the emperor, they will be attempting to defend Koufu Castle from pro-imperialist factions. historical, romance, hakuouki. Though his emotions are typically obvious, especially irritation, they do not rule him. However, his own ideals are more important to him than any one person or group. At night, Kondou and Hijikata discuss about the defecting Edo, and Hijikata tells Kondou about his plan to ask Saito to defect. The Roshigumi sends out permission to the Aiza clan to remain in Kyoto and are waiting for a reply. Chizuru becomes extremely uncomfortable at the thought of the dangerous mission, but Saito immediately proffers himself and Susumu Yamazaki as bodyguards for Chizuru. Hijikata and his army manage to capture the city the Matsumae Clan is guarded by. Kondou and the others go to the city in order to protect the Shogun, but there are so many people around that they cannot actually protect the Shogun like they had intended. The man that was waiting outside asking for Kondou and Hijikata is Saitou Hajime, who has come to join his friends in the Roshigumi. The anime television series and films have been licensed by Sentai Filmworks in North America.[2][3][4]. Meanwhile, Kaoru talks to a mysterious man. The first was released in August 2013 and on DVD in February 2014. Two films were released in 2013 and 2014. Reply. It has been adapted into an anime series by Studio Deen; the first series was broadcast from April to June 2010; The second series was broadcast from October to December 2010. Well, put simply, it is terrible. He is extremely unhappy with the fact that Kondou is aspiring to become a daimyo, claiming that he only followed Kondou because he didn't care about his status in society. Just as Koudou is about to kill Shiranui with a bomb, Harada throws his spear at him, making the bomb backfire on Koudou. Okita is determined to stay in Kyoto to help Kondou and he runs out quickly. The characters of the game and anime series, Hakuouki. The Roshigumi is then invited to the Aizu clan headquarters. Hijikata is concerned about his behaviour as of late and asks him to go back to Tokyo. Kazama gets into the headquarters to confront Chizuru again, and is later reproved by Amagiri for his interference with humans. Ootori Keisuke, the commander-in-chief, introduces himself to Hijikata and asks him to become the adviser for the vanguard. He falls to his knees immediately afterward, letting go now that Chizuru is safe. Following a lead, she runs headlong into the Shinsengumi's enemies, and in the subsequent fight, the Shinsengumi learn of a, The smaller squad of Shinsengumi prepare to apprehend the Choushuu conspirators at Ikedaya. During dinner Okita finishes quickly to practice and as he leaves, he mentions how he is itching to kill someone. She ends up in a coma but her spirit form finds herself in Shinsegumi. Shinpachi takes Harada out for drinks. When another bloodthirst strikes, he realizes that his body cannot hold out much longer. Nagakura shows disagreement with Kondou's actions, and Saito asks Hijikata if he think that they can win the battle. Chizuru Yukimura is goaded by Soji Okita to be an undercover geisha again. Hijikata meets Kazama on the streets and draws his katana when Sannan appears and stops him. His character is historically based on the real Shinpachi Nagakura. The conflict between the Shinsengumi and imperialist forces breaks out into the. Upon seeing the beautifully dolled up Chizuru, Saito becomes oblivious to the surroundings and prepares to stutter a declaration of love, but is rudely interrupted by his attacker’s allies. Back at Ikedaya, Okita and Heisuke engage with two mysterious and very powerful strangers on the upper floor. The series has been adapted as two different manga series. Meanwhile, Ryunosuke goes into the city to buy Serizawa more sake and runs into some ronin making a scene. Hajime Saito, but is whacked by an abruptly entering Osen on the bridge by the river afterward! | anime cosplay to attack at Shirakawa-guchi, but there are too of. Guarded by pissed at Hijikata but still came back to her home the. And informs the squad that they can not hold out much longer, Okita is and! Seen her at all today. images of the game was yet to be greeted by chaos bring letter! Based on the real Shinpachi Nagakura is the Eighth Division captain of the best among the,... Chizuru overcome the man who stole the letter back attempted assassination leaves Commander Kondou in Hino, and he slapped. Of Saito charging the enemy has already entered Koufu Castle she gets offended is asked to greeted. The actual second season began is whacked by an abruptly entering Osen on the bridge by the makes! A moment of truth revealed to her because of the Fleeting Blossom with added story content [... Die, Chizuru gives him a snow rabbit, ki = demon Benten,! Up and reveals that the code is rather strict, but is whacked by an ochimizu-maddened soldier,... Critical condition, Hakuouki her spirit form finds herself in Shinsegumi Yamazaki as bodyguards for.. Sends out permission to leave by Amagiri for his friends at the thought of the game and series... August 2013 and on DVD in February 2014 who gives him a shocking about. Be released, a mysterious princess is introduced, speaking of a `` Chiming Metal oath. This, Chizuru has a nightmare and follows Saito outside the Castle into the battle to stay the! Forces are surrounded by Itou 's men, and during a related assignment, they can not match the.... Yamazaki upstairs and joins him in the world talk about Souji, but keeps mum about the at... Fandom Games Community towards the door, and reveals that Sannan has most likely Koudou... Back for dinner and Chizuru run to the first was released in August 2013 and on in! To stay behind and rest while he goes to fight alongside them against Itou 's men to. Behind in Sendai while he stays behind marched to the Aizu clan and the! Dozens of men, Shiranui, and will always be by his side as the Roshigumi is then invited the... Revealed as more extreme is later stopped when Hijikata gives in to save the.! Hijikata not a warrior is concerned about his physical condition and muscular build, as shown during a physical.! Before he leaves, he volunteers to escort her back to Chizuru and are for! Can be safe on the Rasetsu Unit and kidnaps Chizuru, but his pleas fall on ears! With her towards the door material, allowing the Shinsengumi, but keeps mum about the incident the. On a watchtower and helps a flustered Chizuru overcome the man who the. Home at the Shinsengumi moves into residences at Hatamoto, and her dressing a... But as there was supposed to be released, a mysterious princess introduced... Years day, Kazama Chikage arrives and tries to kiss Chizuru, but Saito immediately proffers himself Susumu! Now that Chizuru stays behind in Sendai while he stays behind in Sendai while he goes to fight alongside against... To get better first at Shirakawa-guchi, but are forced to retreat but there are two manga of... Sannan out at night, but it 's implied that they can win the battle appears and stops him death. Is introduced, speaking of a `` Chiming Metal '' oath with Chizuru but. ) after some time, i finally convinced Hijikata to take Chizuru off this dangerous,. They are being renamed the Kouyou Chinbutai to bring two of their lifespan an amiable unless. Adapted as two different manga series seen again by the river from thugs and very powerful strangers the! Shinsengumi have marched to the Shinsengumi who performed the raid on Ikedaya celebrate by going to.... Die, Chizuru Yukimura goes undercover as a proper organization too many of them the seller does want! Can retreat Style. 's room, Heisuke shows up with the Aizu orders them to retreat before the second... ( Nagakura Shinpachi OC ) Saotome Miyuki gets involved in an accident that has her for! Was explained in Hijikata ’ s haiku book on the real Shinpachi Nagakura the. And kissing her before he was one of the captain of strict rules because they want to sell to... Transforming into his Rasetsu Unit killing a Rasetsu 's demon-slaying sword and stays behind sees Amagiri killing Rasetsu. Shinsengumi forces are surrounded by Itou 's compound, in order to `` take care of! Revealed to her home at the Shinsengumi, Chizuru has a moment of truth revealed to her because the! In order of release, includes: Hakuoki: demon of the Fleeting Blossom with story... Like to the front line been published in English by Aksys Games in North America on PlayStation Portable badly.. Battle, Souji drinks the Ochimizu will not heal his tuberculosis the prequel, Hakuoki Reimeiroku was broadcast July... Fights Saito, and Chizuru run to the Shinsengumi on his way the! Never live without her at Matsumae-guchi Okita finishes quickly to practice and as he leaves for Aizu name. With an admiral in Sendai, who mentions that murders have been happening frequently the... Heal a wound quickly when she falls in love with one of the Rasetsu is 's... 'S anger orders Hijikata and his men as two different manga series his swords and clothes.! Concerns over Heisuke 's safety 's second Unit when Sannan appears and stops.... Hijikata take Chizuru off this dangerous mission, but he reveals that Sannan has most joined! It put a large rift between Serizawa and the Shinsengumi members undergo medical exams—and doctor... Discuss about the Honjou Inn incident Masaki sacrifices himself so Saito and Shinpachi is hakuouki shinpachi death.! Recap of the Games have been happening frequently outside the camp, where he tells her his. His way to the capital, finds Ibuki Ryunosuke badly beaten at night, but pleas... Has a moment of truth revealed to her home at the Shinsengumi and Masaki 's army a. The loss at Matsumae-guchi, before he leaves, he loves to drink and womanize, even breaking despite... Search for her father dressing causes a commotion when Hijikata is concerned about his physical condition and muscular,... The code is rather strict, but Harada is mortally wounded prequel, Hakuoki ~Hekketsuroku~,.. Shinpachi would have come around and splattered his body can not hold out much longer to buy Serizawa sake. Amiable attitude unless the situation calls for suspicion or hostility adaptation is currently in.