This bibliography was generated on Cite This For Me on Wednesday, April 17, 2019. Hannes Meyer significantly altered and restructured the educational programme of the Bauhaus, established by Walter Gropius and the … During the First Five Year Plans: Hannes Meyer in the USSR, 1930-1936 William Richardson Shortly after his arrival in the USSR in October 1930, the Swiss architect and former director of the Bauhaus, Hannes Meyer, was interviewed by Pravda. Folio (36 x 26 cm). AR. It starts with the following passage: Les constructeurs Emory Roth, Erwin Wolfson et l'architecte Walter-Gropius avec une maquette du Grand Central Building 7. Why do you stress […] that the building in dessau-törten was executed under my leadership: after all I was so proud, that for the first time a really – speak anonymous – collective work was conducted at the Bauhaus. In October 1928, Hann es Meyer p ublished his famous pamphlet bauen (building) in the Bauhaus magazi ne ba u haus, zeitschrift für gestaltung . In the morning you walk along the footpath to the dike of Oostduinkerke. For him, buildings had to be useful for people and for society. Swiss architect, Hannes Meyer became director when Gropius resigned in February of 1928, and brought the Bauhaus on a new track with a focus on reducing costs and becoming profitable. 13, No. Moholy-Nagy, Bayer et Breuer quittent également le Bauhaus. Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering: Vol. Writings from the twenties in reprint. Meyer explained why he had left Central Europe for the opportunity to live in the Soviet Union. Bauen und Gesellschaft. Classic Building Bauhaus Architecture Design Multi Story Building … Hannes Meyer thought that architects should deal with real problems in real ways and to not pretend they were an artistic elite. Les Nazis mettent un terme à l’évolution du Bauhaus en Allemagne Obligée de déménager de Weimar à Dessau une première fois, l’école … 07-abr-2016 - Hannes Meyer, Hans Wittwer and the building department of the Bauhaus: German Trade Union School in Bernau near Berlin, 1928-1930. concept & materialization . One is a monograph on Hans Wittwer (besides Hannes Meyer the main architect of the building), about whom there has been far too little to read so far. The Federal School of the German Trade Union Federation in Bernau, designed by Hannes Meyer, Hans Wittwer and the building department at the Bauhaus in Dessau, is still regarded today as a paradigmatic example of functional architecture. The architectural implementation was intended to appear as a logical consequence of these specifications. Il demande aux ateliers d'être plus rentables et de travailler à des créations répondant aux besoins populaires [24], [25]. The concept starts from a glass volume that is variably provided … Analysis of the Fundamental Elements of the Problem of "The Minimum House" 1929 - Frankfurt. hannes meyer and hans wittwer @ ADGB 1928-1930 # 15 see please the set so you are interested in this classic building. The work. It focuses on the Hannes Meyer Seminars – a series of annual international design workshops held at the Bauhaus Dessau from 1980 to 1986 – as a contact zone. He was born in a family of architects, and during his youth he worked as a draftsman in Basel, to later study in Berlin in 1909. Available now from Books on Demand or by ordering from … It was already in 1928 that he was appointed Director of the school by Walter Gropius. His two most significant building commissions, of which both still exist, are: the five apartment buildings in the city of Dessau, and the Bundesschule des Allgemeinen Deutschen … HANNES MEYER (November 18, 1889 – July 19, 1954) “Building is just organization: social, technical, economic and physical organization.” 3. 39 Fig. Le bien constitue, avec la ville blanche de Tel Aviv, l'un des deux ensembles Bauhaus inscrits au patrimoine mondial. 5: Hannes Meyer, Hans Wittwer and building course Bauhaus Dessau (design). Meyer entreprend une réforme de l'enseignement et de l'organisation du Bauhaus. Kieren, Martin and Claude (Eds.) En 1930, le gouvernement local de Dessau rejette Hannes Meyer qui nommera l'architecte Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. During his brief term in office as the second Bauhaus director, he gave the institution new impulses that had a lasting influence on important aspects of the Bauhaus’s reception and animated the topical debates. One of the last new construction projects so close to the beach and the centre. Born in Basel (Switzerland) in 1889 and trained as a mason and a construction draughtsman, Meyer started his career as an architect before entering the Bauhaus in 1927 as a professor of the newly established Building Department.. C'est Hannes Meyer qui lui succède sur proposition de Gropius. Functionalism was more than not wasting money on ornament or building … Report. History. Meyer wanted to draw in skills and ideas from every Bauhaus workshop, not just the building theory course. After World War II, the new owner of the school, the Trade Federation in East Germany (FDGB) … And a chronicle on the time of the former ADGB Trade Union School immediately after the Second World War. For example, the entire ground plan was developed from the educational necessity for communal living: there had to be spaces for … Hannes Meyer - Grand Tour of Modernism Swiss architect Hannes Meyer … En 2017, le bien est étendu aux maisons avec accès aux balcons à Dessau et l'école de la confédération syndicale ADGB à Bernau bei Berlin, construites par le successeur de Gropius Hannes Meyer [1], [2]. 8 booklets in orig. Lichtenstein: Baden (Switzerland), Lars Müller publishing house, 1990. Residence Hannes Meyer, located on the Zandzeggelaan in Oostduinkerke, lies between Oostduinkerke and Sint-André. Hannes Meyer et Hans Wittwer, Projet de concours pour la Société des Nations à Genève, 1927. - In a letter to Karel Teige dating May/June 1930 published in Hannes Meyer. Hannes Meyer was commissioned for the project shortly after his appointment as the new director of the Bauhaus in late April 1928. Students involved in the interior design of the ADGB Trade Union School came from the weaving, carpentry and metalwork workshops, including: Wera Meyer-Waldeck [] (1906 - 1964), who studied under Marcel Breuer in the carpentry workshop and later became an … (2014). Hannes Meyer Owner/Manager bei ABS - Advanced Building Systems Ireland 115 connections Competition design for the Petersschule, Basel, 1926. Bauhaus and German modernism The Bauhaus was first founded by Walter Gropius in Weimar. - In a letter to Karel Teige dating May/June 1930 published in Hannes Meyer. Why do you stress […] that the building in dessau-törten was executed under my leadership: after all I was so proud, that for the first time a really – speak anonymous – collective work was conducted at the Bauhaus. Item details Hannes Meyer, architect (1889-1954): ABC Bauhaus. 40 Beyond a merely supericial stylistic point of symbolic representations of physical building view, the introduction of digital technologies in elements produced in lines and hatches. This article charts transnational exchanges between East German and Finnish architects in the development of adaptive housing solutions for urban sites. Cardboard folder. Hannes Meyer: After many years of working within the capitalist system I am convinced that working under such conditions is quite senseless. Hannes Meyer was one of the most important architects of New Architecture movement of the 1920s. Axonométrie (photographie sur papier), Archives de la construction moderne (Acm) - Fonds Alberto Sartoris Hannes Meyer with students Mathilde „Motschi“ Cieluszek-Reindl and Margot Meschke-Sander on the canteen terrace of the Bauhaus building, Dessau 1930, photo: Umbo, … Bauen und Gesellschaft. portico house, bauhaus, architecture, balcony, building, multi-family home, world heritage, unesco, dessau, hannes meyer 49-56. These are the sources and citations used to research Co-op Zimmer- Hannes Meyer. The seminars challenged dominant forms of mass housing, … Google Arts & Culture features content from over 2000 leading museums and archives who have partnered with the Google Cultural Institute to bring the world's treasures online. The Influence of Hannes Meyer and the Bauhaus Brigade on 1930s Soviet Architecture. Language: German ISBN: 3906700232 EAN: 9783906700236 Order number: 146037 Remarks: Compilation of six Meyer … He had come, he said, to work with … I … To him, what a building did and how comfortable it made the people who use it was the only thing that mattered. Meyer, Hannes Exterior view of the Moscow-Volga Canal Pumping-station with a modern building surmounted by a replica of a sailing ship in the foreground, Moscow, 1937-1954 Meyer, Hannes Exterior view of New Riviera Sanatorium for employees of the People’s Commissariat of Military Affairs, Sochi, Soviet Union (now in Russia), 1935 Hans Emil Meyer, (Basel, Switzerland, November 18, 1889 - Lugano, Switzerland, 1954), known as Hannes Meyer, was an architect and town planner known for being the second director of the school of the Bauhaus between 1928 and 1930. In his work, Hannes Meyer gives a definition of the building project that is not only based on the relationship between material, function and aesthetics but one that is intimately entwined with human existence. After its completion, the school operated for only three years, until the Nazis confiscated the building for use as a training center for SS. Stiftung Bauhaus Dessau. All the interiors were designed by the Bauhaus workshops in Dessau. Now, design … 1, pp. In view of our Marxist and revolutionary conception of the world we, revolutionary architects, are at the mercy of the insoluble contradictions of a world built on animal individualism and the exploitation of man by man. 26-ago-2014 - Hannes Meyer, Hans Wittwer and building course Bauhaus Dessau (design), Competition design for the Petersschule, Basel, 1926 For the design of the ADGB Trades Union College in Bernau (1930), Hannes Meyer initially had all of the building’s functions scientifically analysed. In-text: (Analysis of the Fundamental Elements of the Problem of "The Minimum House", 1929) … Building ASL 1, Room 105/106 (ground floor) The symposium engages with the pedagogical concept and praxis of Hannes Meyer, which he developed and subsequently pursued as a teacher and director of the Bauhaus Dessau from 1927 to 1930.