Rampage and Buckethead made their way to Sights & Sounds Casino, splitting up to convince their respective teammates to stop fighting and help deal with the Antares Eight, Rampage identifying himself to Archadis and "persuading" the Predacon to take him to Magmatron in his own inimitable style. Rampage took an immediate dislike to pretty much damn near everyone in it, except for Preditron, and stuck with the ex-Dinosaur crew when they went on their first mission, followed by their second, and then third and fourth, even as he felt helping the Resistance was a betrayal of his very being. Over the years Hasbro released a huge amount of Transformers figures; this is a list of all figures in the Beast Wars era. According to the series background materials published in the, Rampage's personality was largely inspired by fictional genius psychiatrist and cannibalistic serial killer Dr. Hannibal Lecter, demonstrated by many of his psychological warfare involving devouring his prey, albeit in a "refined" manner, unlike the Predacons'. Beast Wars Transmetals Ultra Assortment: Original Price: $14.99: Size Class: Ultra: Suggested Age: 5+ Reuses: Beast Wars Metals Rampage, Botcon Shokaract. Feel it, yes, feel it! The Inexorable March, Tens of thousands of years later, knowledge of "Protoform X" had passed out of knowledge, with some historians believing no bot could have survived the K-Bomb blast, and that there must have been more than one. Rampage felt jealousy for Hard Head's situation. Beast Wars Toy Concept Designs ... Rampage/Protoform X . The ragtag Predacon team made their way back to the Proximax tower, only for the alien cyborgs to summon allies of their own, who had a combiner form. The battle ended when Rattrap took out the Transwarp cruiser—Rampage managed to outrun the crashing ship and laughed in triumph... only for the still-armed missile on top of the ship to launch in his face. They shared a surprisingly calm conversation as Deluge related his reasons for creating Rampage in the first place. From Japan. Treasure Competition! His attempt to do this to Imperious didn't work as well, temporarily reducing Rampage to a charred wreck. With some help from Crazybolt, everyone managed to get free, only to find Delirious had implanted Bruton into Hard Head's body. Transformers Collector's Guide: Ultra Class Rampage (Transformers, Beast Wars, Predacon): realtime price guide with history, pictures, and info for all parts, weapons, accessories, instructions, and specs. Come with me, come. Beast Wars Metals #1 Quickstrike recovered, but was promptly killed alongside his troopers by Jaguar. Rampage was still recovering when two humans showed up, their casual arrogance angering the proto-former enough to rouse him to his feet, until Stiletto restrained him. Together, the Beast Warriors dealt Rampage a mortal blow, just as Megatron arrived. Rampage won even in death, laughing maniacally in triumph as Depth Charge made the final, stabbing blow. To find a picture's URL on a website, in most browsers, you can right-click the image and select "Copy image URL". Nemesis Part 1, Soon after Megatron acquired his dragon body, a temporal disruption drew the attention of both the Maximals and Predacons to a remote canyon, where Rampage and his fellow Predacons met their foes. Once out of sight, Delirious began violently removing Hard Head's spark, which the others could hear. Ravage is a Transformer in the Beast Wars Universe. The crash drew the attention of Optimus Primal's Maximals, who were stranded on the planet fighting the Beast Wars at the time, and they investigated the ship, which had become submerged in the ocean. Another interesting figure from the Beast Wars line. Appalled, "Protoform X" was locked away, hoping no one would ever discover him. The television series that proceeded the release of some Beast Wars figures … Rampage toy bio. Assortment - … In the end, Depth Charge got the upper hand, and may well have ended the feud then and there if not for the intervention of Quickstrike, which allowed Rampage to sneak away and destroy Depth Charge's ship. The Destructons opted to leave Rampage and Trans-Mutate to be picked up by whoever answered the distress call Delirious had sent to Cybertron. They were divided into two new factions, with new characters and a new story. Cackling, Rampage disappeared into the lake after it. When Rampage came to, it was as one of the interlopers was kicking him, while the other asked her to stop, claiming Rampage was needed, something that irked him mightily. He doesn't care how deformed she was, he genuinely seemed to care. View all Transformers Rampage toys. Unbidden, he chose to shoot Deluge dead point blank with his rocket launcher rather than allow the scientist to suffer needlessly. The Gathering #3, While preparing for a deep-space exploration mission, the Maximal crew of the Axalon stopped for a few weeks at a space station. Transformers: Beast Wars Transmetals (PS). Free of Delirious's illusions, the pair defeated Bruton and Medusa. Rampage (Ultra Transmetal, 1998) 1.1. After four stellar cycles of chasing the killer, Depth Charge finally captured him and brought him back to Cybertron Deep Metal - but not before Protoform X destroyed Starbase Rugby and devoured an unknown number of the inhabitants. After several orbital cycles, they managed to join the Resistance. He finally met his match in battle when the newly reformatted Optimus Primal attacked him. None shall hurt you now. Ravage in the Beast Wars TV show. They chose the second option, handing the reigns over to their newly-acquired Kennerdivision. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their video game appearances. Battle near his stasis pod shocked him into activation, and he promptly set out to terrorize all nearby Transformers, rending Tarantulas limb from limb and stalking Blackarachnia and Silverbolt. Rampage action figure from the Transformers - Beast Wars toy series manufactured by Hasbro in 1998. Primal then lopped off his remaining arm to escape Rampage's grip, disengaged his board, and jammed it into the monster's mouth, leaving it to carry Rampage up into space, stranding him in Energoa's orbit. (All right, whose bright idea was it to allow the homicidal maniac to keep his weapons!?) The cruiser would later be a part of a strike on the Predacon base, during which Rampage unleashed a barrage of missiles on it. Treasure Competition! Posting links or pictures is only allowed in certain areas of Figure Realm. Eventually, the Predacons and other resistance groups triumphed over the Vehicons. ... “transformers rampage toys” ... Legion Class Smokescreen | Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Action … Rampage was among Bludgeon's troops when they found the ancient Red Bucket. Code of Hero, Though a violent sociopath, Rampage was not without compassion. And then someone went and activated a tractor beam which softened the crash. Rampage found the idea of helping humans hilarious, but went along with the idea anyway, finding something about doing the Oracle's work... fitting. He recognized the need for such powerful warriors in battle with Unicron and other threats that inevitably arose to unite the Cybertronians in a single goal. Is that fear you are feeling, Maximal? Kindred, The Destructon leader provided the pair with energon and explained the origins of himself and his friends, inviting Trans-Mutate and Rampage to join them. This page was last modified on 14 January 2021, at 09:02. The markings told of a time when the Maximals and Predacons crash-landed on prehistoric Earth, though the stranded Transformers were seen by the protohumans as gods. When Sparks Fly, Rampage Transmetal participated in battles against a variety of opponents, both Autobots and Decepticons. Rampage and the others were immobilized by Unicron's psionic force blasts, and the merged creature advanced on the Maximals. Though Rampage was beginning to feel that the Destructons were his kin, Trans-Mutate pointed out the inconsistencies in Lord Imperious Delirious's story and insisted they should leave. Regenerating, he began to hallucinate, but was convinced he was not alone. When Transmutate was killed by this fight, Rampage bellowed in grief. He soon returned to his and Trans-Mutate's dwelling to find her talking with a group of Predacons. Beast Wars - 2001. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/08/16. A new-head retool of Prime: First Edition Megatron, Timelines Rampage was the 2014 Transformers Collectors' Clubfree figure, mailed to new or returning club members who got their registration in before the deadline. This reminds me of one of my favorite little Rampage scenes in "Optimal Situation" when Primal lands in front of Rampage in robot-mode and big boy has to look up and he lets out an astonished "Ooooh..." before still whipping out his guns and making a defiant RampageMonsterGarble noise. He has three forms, one being his robot form, another being his beast … 1. He had poisoned the bottle of Visco the two shared during their talk, a dose of cyber venom that promised a drawn out and painful death over the next few megacycles. He is a serial killer and cannibal, with an immortal spark that ensures his twisted brand of horror and misery will live on as long as he does. From Imgur, copy the link from the url when you are viewing it, or click their Copy button if you are uploading a new image. As Protoform X lay immobilized, Megatron arrived and, using a blade of pure energon, removed a portion of his indestructible spark. This article is a featured article, and considered to be one of the most informative on this wiki. Intersectionality Their return was not exactly graceful, with their shuttle crash-landing in the middle of Builder-controlled territory. No explanation is ever given for why energon suddenly kills Rampage, even though Megatron's been poking his spark with it ever since he appeared. There's more! Takara's version of Rampage … By the time the motley crew of "ex-bots" reached the surface, their intended targets were already attacking a nearby hyperwave caster tower. At the battle's climax, Rampage allowed Depth Charge to kill him with a shard of raw Energon, resulting in a fantastic explosion which destroyed both. While beast-mode Transformers had been around since day one, those were robotic beasts. Rampage transforms from rob… Brand: Hasbro Character: Rampage. They proceeded to wage a valiant Spark War against Megatron's Vehicons. The experiment went horrible wrong, so much that it destroyed his mind, turning him into a sociopath. Beast Wars - 1999. Perception Though Rampage was unaware, Trans-Mutate was his "sister", a fellow Point One Percenter created by Deluge. Instead of being divided into subgroups around a theme or gimmick with varying prices, toys … His work was supported for a time, but when peace was declared, it was no longer deemed necessary. After he recovered, Snapper suggested the Builder and proto-former gather their allies, who were still nearby and engaged in their own skirmish. Rampage transforms into … The Axalon was ordered to dispose of "Protoform X" on a barren moon somewhere in the Alpha Quadrant. Lord Imperious Delirious responded with Delirious Fire. Loose, as is. Naturally, Rampage was filled with fury and disgust at sharing his spark with a 'half brother'. Feral Scream Part 1, Rampage would go on to have a second clash with Silverbolt, targeting him when he was filled with grief and rage over Blackarachnia's death; he'd have killed him easily if Blackarachnia hadn't suddenly become alive again and beaten him up. He was with them when they were sent to Proximax to take out the traitor Snapper as he was being transferred to Iacon, ambushing the convoy on the Hoist Metrospan. The Predacons were driven off by an invisible force—the cloaked Transwarp cruiser flown by Ravage. Accessories:Spring-loaded triple barrel missile launcher, 3 missiles and 1 rifle 1. In desperation, Rampage used his Galva-conductors to fry both of them, then used the momentary distraction to tear Imperious' head off. The beast in question is a king crab and Rampage … Rampage (Deluxe Class, 2014) 1.1. Megatron thus welcomed him into the Predacon fold, dubbing him "Rampage". Transformers BEAST WARS - TRANSMETALS - RAMPAGE. He recovered just as Delirious got into the shuttle, leaping onto it as it took off. Find Beast Wars Transformers in TFSource's vast selection of collectible figures and relive the glory days of the classic '90s TV series. Master Blaster Following Tigerhawk's destruction of the Predacon base, Rampage and Dinobot were blown away by one strike from the Vok emissary. Rampage is certainly one of the larger toys to be attached to a character in the show, and it does a good job of not letting the entire spectrum of occupants on Beast Wars shelf look puny. Yes... my spark, it feeds on terror. Like Depth Charge, … Primal tried a desperate ploy to take the monster down, stuffing a demolition charge in his head and allowing Rampage to eat it; Primal survived by shifting to beast mode, and though it momentarily seemed the gambit had succeeded, Rampage burst out of the waters in crab mode, grabbed Primal, and dragged him off into the ocean. To post a link or picture, simply copy the the full URL into your post, and it will automatically get converted (after submitting). Make sure URL has a space on both sides of it, or is on its own line. The Agenda (Part 1) Rampage, of course, survived to lead yet another attack on the Axalon. However, when Overshoot insisted everyone needed to work together and go further down, Rampage still went along, even helping carry Snapper on his back until they reached their destination, which turned out to be the Oracle, warning them of a scheme of the Antares Eight to antagonise humanity. The huge Maximal leader simply shoved him aside, but Rampage had the last laugh as his deflected missile sent the Maximal base plunging into the lake. Though the Predacons nearly took control of the Ark, Depth Charge arrived at the last moment and drove them back. Please state why this comment is being reported. The Inexorable March, One such success managed to create an inextinguishable spark that mimicked the properties of Starscream's lifeforce, but the result was a creature who was consumed with hate and power and an undying taste for violence. As an unwilling conscript of the Predacons, he is contemptuous (at best) of the rest of his team, typically bored and uncooperative on missions, and he frequently sneaks off for his own purposes to try to relieve his boredom in the most cruel and horrible ways possible. Here, Rhinox helped acquire a mysterious complement to their cargo, a very large protoform branded with an X. Transformers: Battle Tactics. Beast Wars characters took on the appearance of fully-organic creatures, which also affected their robot-mode looks: while there were "metal" parts, the design… Angered, Rampage handed over the human object that had drawn their attention and told them to leave, which they did. Accessories: cannon 1. Rampage managed to surprise Delirious, sending the craft down, but was soon overpowered and lost his gun. Other Victories, While Megatron was retrieving the submerged Decepticon craft Nemesis, Depth Charge met Rampage in battle one last time on the ocean floor. Dinobot was able to use the spark fragment to keep Rampage in line, and the two "brothers" took part in the interrogation of Depth Charge after the Transmetal driver went missing. Let it consume your circuitry! Comes with claw device other weapon in photos . Using the ship's still-functioning weaponry, Rattrap and Airazor detonated an underwater volcano beneath the pair, creating a shockwave that Primal was then able to ride with his hoverboard, carrying Rampage out of the water and into the air. Tier: 7-C Name: Rampage… Transformers Beast Wars Toys ← Back ... Rampage (Transmetal) 80432 ↑ top. C $54.33 shipping. One in the form of a "crab" was among them. As the pod unleashed Rampage, everyone was tossed away. When Optimus Prime led a force against Unicron to prevent him from eating Caminus, Rampage was sent out to attack, and in the ensuing battle he ripped Dirge in half. In the aftermath, the various factions gathered in Sights and Sounds to discuss terms, which soon turned in arguing until Rampage silenced everyone by declaring Snapper was under his protection, and that he was done with the Resistance, having found a purpose in working with the Ex-Bots. On recovering, he came too to find Delirious trying to override the shuttle controls, and tried rushing him, only to be blasted with Delirious's Delirious Fire. Subseries from Transformers - Beast Wars Toy Series. The sparks of his victims were released from his body, and used by Megatron to reanimate several of his fallen Predacon warriors. Despite himself, Rampage asked Magmatron for help, feeling that he would naturally be rejected, only for Magmatron to instead ask where they were going. Unfortunately, he was waiting for them, and activated a quantumite trap which disabled Rampage and Snapper, but not Stiletto, who'd been pre-warned by Overshoot's ghost, and she was able to disable the trap, before killing Creepy to prevent him leveraging his knowledge into survival. Terminus, Megatron tasked Rampage and Inferno to oversee Tarantulas's installment of the Sentinel components within the Predacon base. Nemesis Part 1 Rather than destroy him, Maximal Elders had Protoform X placed into a stasis pod aboard an exploration vessel, the Axalon. If Rampage's titanic size, armor plating and psychopathic tendencies weren't horrifying enough, he is also capable of generating tidal waves, inducing earthquakes and triggering landslides with his "terror claws", while his ever-dreaded galva-conductors allow him to unleash deadly electrical discharges. Rampage was reborn a huge Transmetal crab, by virtue of his stasis pod absorbing the technology waves released in the Trans-warp explosion. Regrowing the limb, Rampage engaged Primal, seizing him with his abdomen-mouth and forcing him to hack his own arm off to escape. The toy is great, the crab form not only looks fantastic but … When X attempted to turn his weapons on his "savior", Megatron revealed that he held half of X's spark in a special cage lined with energon crystals, allowing him to torture the beast at will. Clarity. Annoyed and outnumbered, Rampage decided to just the destroy the bridge they were all standing on, sending all five mechanoids plummeting into the depths of Cybertron. You can help Transformers Wiki by expanding it. Condition is "Used". While still debating how to survive, they came under attack from Bruton and Medusa. Rampage detects and draws strength from the emotions of others, literally feeding on the pain and suffering he causes. When they were attacked by a strange feral beast, Rampage and Dinobot inadvertently blasted each other. Rampage's profile in Club magazine #55, Rampage was being held in the Ferromax Detention Center when he was witness to Dynobot's jailbreak. The twisted product of a Maximal experiment to create an immortal spark, Rampage was born a vampiric monster of incredible regenerative capability who consumed the sparks of others. TRANSFORMERS BEAST WARS ~ RAMPAGE ~ LOWER … Many sparks flew, however, when Protoform X and returning Maximal spacefarer Depth Charge had to work together. He became possessive enough to viciously fight with Silverbolt over it. He was held at Colony Omicron but soon escaped, killing all of its inhabitants save a lone security officer, Depth Charge. Protoform X was among the stasis pods jettisoned by Optimus when the Axalon was damaged by Megatron's Predacons, and only fell out of orbit far into the Beast Wars. With this immense arsenal available to him, he prefers to use his gatling cannon as a way to finish off his opponents. Last Stand, Later, Rampage was part of the Maximal swarm that besieged Sanctuary Station Road's End and took part in the final battle against the Autobots and their allies in Earth's orbit. Beast Mode: In Beast Wars terms Rampage is a Transmetal, having a very organic-lookin robot mode and a meched-out beast mode that can be slightly modified into a vehicle mode. Unicron.com toy page: Transformers Beast Wars Rampage (Transmetal… He quickly befriended it and attempted to have it inducted into the Predacons. Transformers Beast Wars Transmetals Rampage Crab Hasbro Takara (Incomplete) Toys Beast Wars - Transmetals - Rampage - Loose - As Is TFsource code: BWTMRAMP-L2/A5 Rampage transforms into a Transmetal king crab with a tank mode that includes rubber treads. The Inexorable March, By that point he was so low on energy he collapsed mid-speech, and she had to help him by providing power from the navicomp she'd salvaged. Instead, inevitably, Protoform X burst free, leaving piles of tortured bodies in his wake. Megatron then had him brought back to the Predacon base and repaired. Crossing the Rubicon He almost got his revenge when Megatron deliberately gave Blackarachnia to him, and was clearly having fun torturing her before she was able to overpower him. He followed what appeared to be tracks Paranoia and eventually found Trans-Mutate, who'd also been stranded there. Rampage filled them in on what had been happening. Despite Rampage putting up a decent fight, he and Trans-Mutate were rendered unconscious and presented to Lord Imperious Delirious. Rampage is a renegade Predacon, who dislikes Megatron, and … Cultural Appropriation. Transmutate, Rampage was a major component of the assault on the Axalon when it appeared as though the Maximals were going to receive reinforcements from Cybertron. Beast Wars revolutionized everything about Transformers toys. While I like him there are a lot of problems with this figure. The good folks here at Figure Realm try to give you accurate, unbiased, and most importantly. Sealed away within a stasis pod, he was loaded onto the Axalon for disposal, but partway into the voyage, he escaped and slaughtered the crew, causing the ship to crash on the planet Energoa. Rampage found himself brawling with Buckethead, but their fight was interrupted by the arrival of two interlopers, one of whom insisted they were all on the same side. During the fight, Rampage was hit by Bruton's Confusion Club, and he began lashing out at his erstwhile allies, until he managed to snap out of it, turning into his tank mode and destroying Bruton. Deluge disagreed, and took it upon himself to continue his work with the proto-races, altering several protoforms to produce Point One Percenters in the new generation. The Dark Essence—the life force of Unicron—had possessed the newcomer Windrazor, the source of the temporal disruption. While Buckethead and her teammates dealt with it, Rampage tussled with Klaws, until Monsterous was defeated, at which point Klaws fled, leaving only one of the Antares Eight to deal with. Product Details Transformers Beast Wars Rampage is a Ultra Class scaled figure that stands 9-inches tall in robot mode and transforms from robot to Crab and back. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. I am your friend. Rampage joined with the ragtag crew to fight Delirious. Cutting Edge, When Megatron created Dinobot II, he used Rampage's spark fragment to form the core of the new Predacon, who likewise retained the ability to torture Rampage into continued loyalty with it. With sales of the Generation 2 toyline proving unremarkable, Hasbro faced a choice: end the Transformers brand for a second time, or drastically revamp the concept.